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Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon

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Make it a double, whether neat or in a Manhattan — but no matter what, stock this in your bar. From the misty moors of legacy Kentucky producer Woodford Reserve, this is a medal-winning, twice-barreled, deep amber whiskey designed to extract every ounce of charred, sweet, oaky flavor from the toasted casks. An eclectic line of innovative spirits by master distiller Chris Morris, these whiskeys are earthy and robust and taste slightly of their Scottish lineage: the Woodford Reserve distillery, formerly the Old Oscar Pepper Distillery, was once the realm of Inverness expat Dr. Crow, long credited with perfecting sour mash distilling. It's a well-balanced and savory everyday bourbon that just can't be beat at this price.

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Double Oaked

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