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High West

High West The Barreled Boulevardier

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Even as a Westward pioneer, you would have been a gentleman, a scholar, and a fine judge of horses — today, you enjoy the rich smell of mahogany and leather-bound books. You're the people who still subscribe to print newspapers and magazines. A marriage of High West's award-winning bourbon, Vya sweet vermouth from Quady Winery in California, and Gran Classico bitter amaro from Switzerland, The Barreled Boulevardier is a complex and satisfying cocktail-in-one — named for Erskine Gwynne's The Boulevardier magazine and eponymous cocktail, whose contributors and fans included James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Wolfe, and Sinclair Lewis. Your wedding party is full of similarly fashionable, intellectual and cultured friends, worldly whiskey folk who would enjoy being gifted this unique bottle.

The Barreled Boulevardier by High West

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