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The Balvenie Portwood 21 Year Single Malt Scotch

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Local first, you always say, shopping small before the big guys. This rare 21-year old from Balvenie, one of the last remaining independently and family owned whisky distilleries in Scotland, is a must-have Single Malt for your collection. Since 1893, William Grant & Sons have been crafting a traditional style Scotch whisky in Speyside just steps from Balvenie Castle. Balvenie's David Stewart, who recently celebrated 50 years at the distillery and is Scotland's longest-serving malt master, sampled the Speyside scotch every month once the whisky was transferred to 30-year-old port casks, after maturing in American oak. A perfectly married and balanced Single Malt that's nothing if not a labor of love and devotion.

The Balvenie Scotch Single Malt 21 Year Portwood

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