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Macallan Fine Oak 17 Year Single Malt Scotch

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Good whiskey is always stronger than fear. Carpe diem on a hot summer's day with this sunset-hued Single Malt Macallan on ice. The world's third largest-selling single malt Scotch whisky (behind Glenfiddich and Glenlivet), Macallan is famous for their rich, fruity "new make" Speyside style Scotch. The Fine Oak series is a lighter style Macallan with flavors of citrus, vanilla, and coconut, and the 17-year is a lighter, amber-colored Single Malt Scotch with hints of tropical fruit, rich jasmine, wood smoke and zesty orange spice. Enjoy it on the rocks, with a splash of water, or with a massive ice mold for minimum dilution and maximum enjoyment.

Macallan Fine Oak Scotch Single Malt 17 Year

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