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Allegrini La Poja 2010 Verona IGT

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Shakespeare played at least a small part in your vows, either the public ones you made or the private, poetic ones you read to each other behind closed doors. In fair Verona, the Allegrini family has been making its mark on Italy's most prestigious winemaking region since the 16th century. La Poja, named for the perfect plateau of Allegrini's ancient 250-acre Valpolicella vineyards, is blended from 100% Corvina into an intense, seductive Super Tuscan with a romantic story: it's an ode to family patriarch Giovanni Allegrini, who developed and perfected innovations in the art of growing and producing wine and had a special fondness for Amarone. Pair it with truffled mac n' cheese or a braised red meat dish.

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