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Mash & Grape

Kirk and Sweeney 23 Year Old Rum

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Your ragtag crew of misfits manages to hide their mischievous ways in plain sight, like the most infamous rum-running flotillas, and you love them the more for it. This small-batch rum is your new go-to sipping spirit. The hero-pirates of Prohibition, rum-runners smuggled schooner holds full of cane sugar casks from the Caribbean to New York - and Kirk and Sweeney is named for one of the most infamous seizures. Crafted in the Dominican Republic from raw sugarcane and fully aged for 23 years in the barrel, this aged rum is as complex as it is caramelized. Pour a few fingers over ice with a splash of freshly squeezed fruit juice and let the shenanigans commence.

Kirk and Sweeney Rum 23 YO

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U.S. Standard Delivery Included