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Ketel One Vodka

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Dear Ketel One Drinker: You pay for Spotify Premium and cut the cord to your cable because you just can't stand ads. They feel you. The 300-year-old craft vodka ran its first-ever advertising campaign in 2003, and apologetically. As an American bartenders' favorite, Ketel One made its mark and gained popularity for its heritage-quality spirit purely through word-of-mouth up until that point. Since 1691, the Nolet Family has been making the crisp, smooth, crystalline, non-GMO Winter Wheat vodka in the same coal-fired copper stills at their Rotterdam distillery, and Ketel One is named for the "Distilleerketel #1" oldest copper kettle that survived both the French Revolution and WWII intact. This is your choice for classic cocktails where the vodka really shines, like a vodka soda, a vodka collins, or a vodka martini.

Ketel One Vodka 1L

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