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Goldschmidt Vineyard

Katherine Goldschmidt 2014 Crazy Creek Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

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Not all those who wander are lost. Maybe you and your honey have traveled the world together and now, after years of adventures, you're celebrating putting down roots. New Zealander Nick Goldschmidt is your winemaker: he honed his experience all over the world, in pretty much every winemaking region, before settling down in California, and is passionate about wine as a living, breathing thing. Named for his daughter Katherine, one of his five children, this bottle is perfect for celebrating a 5-year anniversary...and maybe pulling the goalie to start your own legacy line? It's a supple 100% Alexander Valley-grown Cabernet with big dose of fruit like lush black currants and tart cherries, and hints of cocoa. The dessert course on any date night, really!

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