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Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon

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A rose by any other name wouldn't be as award-winning a bourbon, and this small batch run from Kentucky's most epic producer makes for a subtly sentimental gift. For the first 50 years of Kentucky bourbon history, Four Roses was synonymous with the best in the business — and legend has it, named for the meet-cute of its founder and his love, a Southern belle who wore a corsage of four roses one day to signal that she felt the same way. Made at the original distillery in Lawrenceburg since 1888, this is a soft and smooth, mellow and balanced bourbon master-distilled at peak age from four original and limited-release bourbon recipes, preferably enjoyed on a porch swing or rocking chair, savoring the scents of sweet oak and caramel and flavors of rich, spicy fruits and ripened berries.

Four Roses Small Batch

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