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4-Piece Mirrored Wall Wine Storage Set

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An artful way to store and serve wine. Includes 1 mirrored wine storage rack, 1 mirrored stemware rack, and 2 caged cork catchers that can be arranged together on your wall to create a one-of-a-kind modern mosaic.

  • Holds 4 wine bottles and 5 stemmed wine glasses
  • Mirrored Storage Racks: 21” L x 4” W x 21” H; 21” L x 3.5” W x 21” H
  • Caged Cork Catchers: 14.5” L x 2.25” W x15.5” H; 14.5” L x 3” W x 14.75” H
  • Made from black powder-coated iron
4-Piece Mirrored Wall Wine Storage Set

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