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Our 4 Favorite Boozy Instagrams

Social media can be a minefield when it comes to politics, relationships and body image. However, when it comes to beverage inspo we love scrolling through a visual feast of ideas for our next pour.

On the hunt for some signature cocktail recipes or recommendations for your ThirstyNest registry? The below 4 Instagram accounts are a few of our favorites to discover new bottles and bar tricks.

1. @shibasommelier

Dogs + Wine = Life. It’s math that just makes sense. This adorable Shiba Inu is always thirsty and loves to serve up tasty reviews using “bones” as a rating scale from 1-5. The photos are doggone adorable while the reviews are quick, informative and accessible. Don’t miss the spirits posts for some additional ideas from this polished pooch.

2. @BeautifulBooze

The name speaks for itself. This stunning account from Natalie Migliarini is a cornucopia of dazzling cocktail shots. She mixes up everything from simple negronis to cocktails with explosive smoke and clarified spirits. Every cocktail has a recipe to explore and a wealth of tips and tricks for your home bar.

3. @marisssaaross

As the wine writer at Bon Appetit, Marissa has a pretty hefty resume. That said, her posts are so endearing and fun that she really does not require a listing of her credentials to be a must-follow. To say her take on wine is refreshing would be putting it mildly. Her obsession with finding below-the-radar wines, especially ones with a natural style, is one we love to follow too. Don’t sleep on her stories either which provide a delightful glimpse into her bottle-chugging lifestyle. No sip and swirl here.

4. @WineEnthusiast

No Instagram list would be complete without a shoutout to our mothership, Wine Enthusiast. With everything from up and coming wine regions to the next big name mixologist trends, this account really answers all of your boozy lifestyle needs. Our favorites are the features of drool-worthy home cellars they build from scratch. Peep their perfect storage solutions for guidance on how to handle your pending onslaught of registry gifts.