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Who We Are

We’re you!
(Registries, they’re just like us!)

No seriously, we’ve been there. Literally, right there, where you’re sitting, right now, trying to decide what to register for to make your house a home. Which investment items are going to reflect your modern lifestyle as a couple, the way you actually live and entertain friends and family at home? Which gifts are you still going to want (and actually use) in 10, 15, 25 years?

When ThirstyNest founder Jacki Strum got engaged last year, she was already living with her fiancé and they quickly realized that they wanted completely different things than what most wedding registries were set up to offer. They weren’t starting from scratch, filling a new home with every last necessity. They were looking to “level up” their ability to seamlessly and stylishly host at home, and to make new memories as a couple by entertaining and throwing intimate, unfussy gatherings for friends and family.

Why ThirstyNest? Simple: Your registry should allow friends and family to #giftbetter by actually reflecting who you are, and how you host, as a modern couple - not boxes upon boxes of some antiquated fine china service that you still won’t have opened by your 5th wedding anniversary! (Who wants to move those boxes several times, up and down a 3rd floor walkup, anyway?)

Thanks to over a decade of experience in the wine & spirits industry, Jacki knew that creating a complete home bar was the best way to make those new memories happen — and ThirstyNest is the registry she wishes she’d had when she got engaged.

Our Team

Jacqueline Strum photo

Jacqueline Strum

Founder & CEO

Jacki was literally born into the wine industry. Let’s just say she learned the difference between red and white wine glasses when Saved by the Bell was still airing new episodes — leading to an Advanced Certificate from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and a 15-year career in the wine & spirits industry. When she realized her background could help solve not only the problems she faced while planning her own wedding, but also a major pain point for thousands of other modern couples, the idea for ThirstyNest was born.

After a lifetime of fielding wine and spirits questions from friends, she can’t wait to be that one friend that knows all about booze — maybe too much — for all of ThirstyNest’s newlyweds. Needless to say, she’s thrilled and she’s terrified. Wedding day jitters all over again!

What Jacki’s Drinking Right Now

“Cough Syrup”
Created by her husband

Directions: Combine 2 oz Bulleit Bourbon, 1 oz lemon juice, 1 oz honey water* and 2 dashes chocolate bitters over ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously then strain into an Old Fashioned glass filled with fresh ice. Garnish with Lemon Peel and serve.

*Honey Water: Combine ½ cup of honey with ½ cup of water in a small pan. Heat and whisk until melted and fully blended together. Cool and store in the fridge for up to a month.

Erika Strum photo

Erika Strum Silberstein

VP of Marketing

After receiving three of the same tea kettle for her wedding (she doesn’t even drink tea!), Erika decided to team up with Jacki to help ThirstyNest become a game-changer in the wedding industry — and hopefully save thousands of future couples from the same registry frustrations. When Erika also started fielding an epic number of wine- and spirits-related questions for weddings, she realized it was time to just “gift the people what they want” — and that’s booze!

Erika has been overseeing online marketing at Wine Enthusiast Companies for over 10 years. She earned her degree from Tulane University in 2005 with a Double Major in Business and Sociology and a Minor in French. She has her Advanced Certificate from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and her MBA from NYU Stern.

She also enjoys a good pun, stinky cheeses, and of course drinking quality wine.

What Erika’s Drinking Right Now

The nearest bottle of wine or beer she can get her hands on after putting her 10-month-old baby to sleep!

What ThirstyNest Offers

ThirstyNest is the only wedding registry where your family and friends can #GiftBetter. Our veteran team of hospitality industry experts will guide you to picking the best quality wines, spirits & drinkware for your home that actually reflect the way modern couples live & entertain.

Created by the folks at Wine Enthusiast (yes, that Wine Enthusiast)

As industry professionals, we take the selection process really seriously so you can have fun doing it. We mark wines and spirits based on how they should be gifted and enjoyed rather than making it a guessing game. Registering for your life together should be a private party for two!

For everything from special pours celebrating milestone anniversaries to the best bottles for Netflix and takeout, we’re here to guide you (and your friends and family picking gifts) and help you understand the shared experiences and future memories that each registry item has in its potential. We’ll also help you select the pro-quality tools you need to store, serve, and enjoy your gifts for years to come.

Where to start? Our Expert Collections, created by our in-house team & our favorite influencers around the world, are a super fun and fabulously stylish place to get inspired!

Weddings are Complicated, Your Registry Shouldn't Be

Because we want you and your guests to #GiftBetter, we created a world-class registry experience for the modern couple featurin

  • Personalization. Couples can customize their registry page with their own cover photo, profile photo, and a welcome note to guests.
  • Pinterest-level polish. ThirstyNest registries looks more like a vision board for your future home and life together than a checkout cart.
  • Functionality. Our gift tracker and thank you list management utility tools were created to help you seamlessly organize the entire process from saying “Yes!” to “I Do.”

Not sure where to start? We’re here to inspire you

For many of us, registering for a home bar and creating a top-shelf cellar from scratch is a daunting task. We’re here to empower you with all the knowledge you need to build your registry with confidence and cultivate a lifelong, passionate curiosity for hosting and the joy of the drink.

Our team of editors and experts will be doling out a continuous pour of fun, inspiring, educational content on topics ranging from Why Register for Wine & Spirits, to How to Select the Home Bar Basics Right For You, to our Wedding Wine Calculator — plus hundreds more lifestyle topics to guide you to enjoying the “good life” from your wedding day through milestone anniversaries and beyond. Because the couple who entertains together, stays together!

Have a burning question or story you’d like us to cover and answer for you, once and for all? Let us know! We’re committed to helping you not only #GiftBetter, but drink and host better, too.

Why ThirstyNest?


Created by the folks at Wine Enthusiast (yes, that Wine Enthusiast)

Our industry expertise means we’re only picking the best products for you and your new home together.


Weddings are Complicated, Your Registry Shouldn't Be

We make sharing and collaborating a piece of cake. ThirstyNest will be the one thing you can count on going as planned.


Not sure where to start? We’re here to inspire you.

Our Expert Collections and starter guides will inspire you and leave you confident you’ve covered your bar basics.

Contact Us

Write us: hello@thirstynest.com
Call us: (800) 558-9288

200 Summit Lake Drive, Floor 4
Valhalla, New York 10595