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Mash & Grape

Lagavulin 16 Year Single Malt Scotch

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Just like Ron Swanson, you know Lagavulin by it's official name: "Mother's Milk." One of the most awarded and critically acclaimed Single Malts of all time, Lagavulin has been known for its slow distillation and pear-shaped pot stills since 1816. Sitting on the coast of Kidalton, "in the hollow by the mill" as it translates in Gaelic, Lagavulin is known for being less peaty than neighbors like Laphroaig — partly because it's aged in bourbon barrels, so it has more of that vanilla, honey, and fruit. Offered by Diageo and part of its Classic Malts lineup, the 16-year is Lagavulin's entry level bottle and a collector's favorite. Do like they do on the floor of the malting room every September and open this bottle while listening to some live music, gently dancing the night away and singing right along.

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U.S. Standard Delivery Included