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Real Couple Q&A: Jenny and Brian

Real Couple Q&A: Jenny and Brian

These two spent a full two years in the will-they-won't-they department before finally going on a date. Brian was clearly using that time to plan the inevitable epic proposal where he said I choo-choo-choose you on the Napa Valley Wine Train. 

Read on to hear about this adorable couples' wine-soaked whirlwind of a weekend in wine country where they made it official. 

1. So, tell us you meet cute story?

Brian and I met at Happy Hour at Waterway Cafe in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. I was new to the area and he was one of the first people to befriend me. We were close friends for two years before he finally worked up the courage to ask me on a date.

2. What do you guys like to drink at home?

We drink red wine at home. Mostly Cabernet Sauvignon. Brian prefers Pinot Noir, but I love Cab... so we drink Cab.

3. What’s your most memorable imbibing experience together?

Brian and I went to Napa Valley, CA for my 30th birthday in June 2017. Our first night in Napa, we took the Wine Train and Brian proposed during the dessert course. Even after drinking a whole bottle of wine by myself, it is an evening that I will never forget. Brian engraved "will you marry me" on a pink lock, and it is currently hanging from the Wine Train Love Lock Bridge. 8 months later, we even named our puppy "Napa"

4. How did you decide on a wine and spirits registry?

Brian and I struggled creating a wedding registry. We have all of the kitchen appliances and household items we need, but we wanted to give loved ones an opportunity to give us a meaningful gift. Since we got engaged in Napa Valley, wine is sentimental to use, especially the vineyards and wineries we visited on that trip.

Check out Jenny & Brian's registry here: https://www.thirstynest.com/pages/for-the-love-of-wine 

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