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One Trick for Perfect Wine Temps Every Time

One Trick for Perfect Wine Temps Every Time

Let’s get real, one of the best parts of getting married is actually after the wedding when you’re able to host and entertain your friends & family. Not only does it give you time to ooo and ahh over your new goodies, but it also gives you an additional excuse to pop open some bubbly and celebrate.

As fun as this can be, we often hear from our couples that newlyweds feel a lot of pressure to impress their guests when hosting and serving wine. So we’re going to give you one of our favorite tips on how to make sure you can pour with poise. 

One of the most confusing aspects of wine is what temperature to serve for maximum enjoyment. The true rules of the game are to serve sparkling wine the chilliest at 45 degrees fahrenheit, white wine between 45-50 and red from 50-55. For long-term storage all wines should actually be kept at the same temperature between 50-55 degrees.

I know what you’re thinking. Do I have to whip out a thermometer for this endeavor? Of course not.

Try this simple trick: Put both your sparkling and white wine in the fridge an hour or more before the party. 15 minutes before serving take your white wines out of the fridge and swap it with the reds. That will give your whites enough time to warm up a touch and your reds a few minutes to cool down slightly. The sparkling can stay in the entire time to keep it chill to the max. 

Overall don’t worry too much about what your guests think about your entertaining etiquette. They’re just excited to see you and your fiancé together creating your happily ever after!

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