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Cozy-up at Home With These Love-able Streaming Shows

Cozy-up at Home With These Love-able Streaming Shows

Let’s face it, times are tough right now. We hope you’re reading this someplace safe and clean next to someone you love. Of course,  if you’re like us, wherever you are you’re spending a lot of time with your favorite sweatpants and your most indulgent bottle of wine because quarantine is hard and you’ve earned it. Today, we’d like to help you unwind just a bit more by sharing some of our top favorite romantic tv shows streaming on Netflix. Sure, it’s important to stay informed, but it’s just as important to stay distracted.


In case you haven’t heard of it (which you have) Love Is Blind is a new reality series in which singles try to find a match without ever seeing each other face-to-face. They can’t leave their house either! (Spoiler alert: unlike us, they can...eventually)


Five first dates that are filled with flirty banter, awkward exchanges and -- hopefully -- moments of true connection but which one is worthy of a second date? An honest and compelling look at the real world of wooing potential mates that’ll make you reach for a second glass from the second bottle you just opened.



You know it, your friends won’t stop talking about it, you may even have a rose. If you missed the past season of The Bachelor, head over to Hulu to watch! Be sure to bring a glass of wine, or a bottle (you may need it), some popcorn and prepare to discuss the juicy details with your gal-pals.



This reality tv show is a cast of hot young singles who arrive at a luxury villa looking for a summer of love and romance, hoping to leave the island with the grand prize of £50,000. In order to claim it, they have to win over each other and the public. Check out what’s happening on Love Island stream it on Hulu!

5. YOU

A charming yet awkward crush becomes more sinister when a bookstore manager becomes obsessed with an aspiring writer. Complete with social media stalking and lots of tense stare downs, it will remind you of love in a simpler time.

What shows are you currently watching that are giving you all the feels?

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