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An Ode to the Spritz

An Ode to the Spritz

To say the weather is warming up would be like saying Black Panther did pretty well at the box office, it's a gross understatement. When the heat starts to go off the charts it's time for a very specific kind of Summer sip -- The Spritz.

If you've never had a Spritz cocktail you're in for a refreshing treat. This drink was created in the 1950s inspired by the classic Venetian mix of white wine and sparkling water. If anyone knows how to cool down in style it's the people of Venice. So, what's so wonderful about il Spritz? 

1. It's refreshing AF 

What's the only thing that could make an icy pink drink more refreshing? Bubbles. Soda water adds a thirst quenching capability with a huge hit of hydration. It's basically like boozy gatorade...right?

2. It's easy to make

Fill your glass with a generous heaping of ice, add 2 oz of your aperitif of choice and top it with sparkling water. All that's left is a gram-worthy garnish and a straw. The classic choices for aperitif are Aperol or Campari but we're also partial to Cocchi Vermouth or Cynar for a modern take. 

3. It's versatile

You would be pretty hard pressed to find even a limited bar set up that doesn't have the ingredients for a Spritz cocktail. In a pinch the original recipe using white wine will do. It's also a great drink for even the most persnickety of pals since you can easily swap out ingredients. 

4. It's session-friendly

The addition of seltzer to an already lower abv ingredient like an aperitif makes this low-octane libation perfect for partaking in all afternoon. From backyard BBQs to picnics in the park, we highly recommend mixing up a Spritz during these balmy Summer afternoons. 


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