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5 Reasons You Deserve Champagne Tonight

5 Reasons You Deserve Champagne Tonight


Fridays get all the attention, but Monday through Wednesday? They’re the unsung heroes of the week. That’s when the real work happens and so should the celebration. How, you ask? By popping Champagne, of course! Here are our top five reasons why you should—no, you must open up a bottle of that cherished bubbly tonight. 

Reason #1: You got through another day of meetings

Is your Outlook calendar so stacked it looks like a pez dispenser? We hear you. You deserve to relax tonight after the herculean effort it took today to merely stay awake in those back-to-back sit-downs about “synergy.” There’s no time to waste. Head home and saber yourself some boss bubbly.

Reason #2: Did you go to the gym today? 👏👏👏

My god, you’re good. Your body is a temple and you made sure to take care of it by keeping its holy exterior gleaming. Going to the gym is no easy feat when your day is full of dozens of other priorities. But you know what they say… if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Double up on that me-time by pouring a decadent glass while patting yourself on the back. After all, your flexibility should be on point after that workout.

Reason #3: You’re starting a new Netflix series

Did you finally finish Stranger Things? You’re kind of behind, so get ready to open your mind and dive into something new! This inaugural watch deserves its own ceremonious feast. Whip up some artisanal popcorn and pair it with the toasty notes of the original sparkler, Champagne. Popping the cork on something as special as the real-deal will elevate your viewing party from a weeknight couch-sesh to a romantic date-night in.

Reason #4: Ordering in from a new place

Whether it’s a new Thai spot around the corner or roasted chicken and truffle fries, Champagne is the ideal bedfellow. The freshness and acidity found in high quality Champagne makes it a nearly perfect pairing for all fare. For those aromatic takeout dishes that are a pain to pair, choose Champagne, as it adds an effervescent freshness. And for more oily or fried foods, Champagne can add levity and lightness that balances each bite. 

Reason #5: Because, laundry.

Who knew you had so many clothes? I bet you’re cursing that extra #ootd Instagram shoot right now. What could make it all better? Sip on something extra special. A gorgeous Brut will make even the most mundane of moments feel glamorous. If you keep this up you’ll be buying more clothes just so you can wash them. You’ll be sipping pretty in no time.

So there you have it, our work is done here. We’ve given you more than enough excuses reasons for you to pop some Champagne tonight. Our favorite to elevate the every day is Brut Premier from the folks over at Louis Roederer. It’s beautifully structured with a gorgeous texture that’s too distinct to pass up. Oh, and the critics are pretty over the moon about it, too. Check it out here or add a case to your registry. It should help you write those thank you notes too.

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