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ThirstyNest is the First Wine and Spirits Registry for the Modern Couple

Because you already have a coffee maker.

Our 1-Click Registry Bundles Allow You to Select Your Gifts in One Mouse Tap

If only making the seating chart was this easy.

Our Wines Are Organized Based on When You Actually Drink Them

Mystery solved.

Why ThirstyNest?


We're Your One-and-Only!

We’re the only place on the interweb where you can select bottles and barware for your first home together all in one gift registry. Isn’t that so cute?


Weddings are Complicated, Your Registry Shouldn’t Be

We make sharing and collaboration easy. Thirsty Nest will be the one thing you can be sure goes as planned.


Created by the Wine Enthusiast Folks

Yes, that Wine Enthusiast. Our industry expertise ensures we only curate the best wine, spirits and accessories.


The only way it could get any easier is if we poured it directly into your mouth.

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